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What compels the best competitive freedivers to swim down to depths below 90m, often holding a single breath for more than three minutes, before they reach the surface to breathe again?


Deep Breath is a feature documentary that follows the story of Italian Freediving Champion Homar Leuci in his attempt to reach 103m below, to break the record at a competition off the island of Amorgos, Greece.


We hear from Homar, his wife Paola, other competitive freedivers and the local priest, who witnesses the dives from a clifftop monastery high above the dive site, as we begin to question the hidden complexities that are driving each diver.


Are the highs of achieving new personal records worth the reality of blackouts and the very real prospect of not returning?


As Homar gets closer to his big dive and reveals a personal tragedy that ties him to this location, we realise that there might be something that the deepest free divers find down there that we can all learn from - if they can make it back.

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